Let's Flip District 72

Sam Charbonneau values the voice and well being of Floyd County residents. Sam has been a public servant for over 15 years in the community. Sam brings a valiant passion and work ethic for finding solutions to issues affecting all Hoosiers. Sam believes that a representative's duty is to listen to the residents, represent their best interest, and be both honest and transparent.

In the primary election, Sam focused on meeting with as many Floyd County residents as possible. During the countless hours spent walking the neighborhoods of New Albany, Floyds Knobs, and Georgetown, Sam heard inspiring stories that will serve as the foundation of his mission to “Flip District 72”.



I vow to work with health care providers to cap prescription drug costs, increase access to quality health services, and avoid “band-aid” solutions. We also need to increase the visibility and availability of preventative programs that promote a healthy lifestyle for our youth.

An obstacle in combating substance abuse in Indiana is that medical and mental treatment is more expensive than drugs themselves. Indiana residents pay $1.5 billion dollars annually as a result of the effects of the Opioid Crisis. 

The needle exchange program has done very little to decrease the use of heroin and methamphetamine. The population of grandparents raising grandchildren as a result of the opioid epidemic is at an all time high. I will seek protections for those elderly whom have financially suffered or been exploited as result of the opioid crisis.



I support investing in quality Early Education for children ages 4 and 5. The annual cost of child care in Indiana is sometimes higher than public university tuitions. Research indicates youth who participate in early education have a better academic foundation and higher success rate.

Public taxpayer funding should be focused on public education. I plan to work with the school district to make sure mental health services are available for all students and proper training is provided to teachers and administrators.

We need to set the standard of safety in Hoosier schools by providing therapists in the schools and developing a standardized threat assessments on any student who exhibits a risk of harm to themselves or others. Additionally, I support sensible gun control by requiring universal background checks, restricting the purchase of high capacity magazines, eliminating bump stocks, and maintaining a dialogue on responsible gun ownership. I do not support teachers having the additional responsibility of carrying a weapon in school. A teacher's primary focus should be educating our children.

Resources on responsible gun ownership and protecting children from gun violence can be found at besmartforkids.com.

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I believe our community needs to make a collaborative effort to protect the rights of our LGBTQIA community as they apply to parenting, employment, housing and public accommodation.

We cannot fully address the issues Floyd County faces unless we include Hoosiers of all backgrounds in the conversation. We need to make sure there is equal representation as we develop solutions that respond to social and economic issues.



I am determined to increase the minimum wage to an actual livable wage. By building a strong partnership with local unions and businesses, we will be able to offer apprenticeships and employment opportunities to post graduates and unemployed residents.

We need to provide incentives to Indiana college graduates who have an average college debt of $30,000. We need them to remain in Southern Indiana and find gainful employment. We have continually seen an increase in college tuition with little or no incentives causing our graduates to leave our great state to pursue  job opportunities elsewhere.  I recommend a $5,000 tax credit ( two years ) to Indiana graduates who stay in the state while paying student loans.



I believe in providing safe and affordable housing to Floyd County residents. The plan should be a regional effort centered on promoting positive growth and not on the prevailing stigma attached to social housing programs.